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ΕΣΠΑ 2014-2020

WHAT DO WE OFFER Our main products categories!

Inox Products
Shop Equipment
Air conditioning - Ventilation
Fire Protection
Second Hand Equipment
Foodservice Products
Butchers - Slaughterhouses
Heating Systems
Agricultural Supplies
Special Constructions

Our company has been active in the field of professional catering equipment since 1983.

Our main concern is the production of quality and innovative products, emphasizing design and ergonomics, but also the support of the professional, before and after the sale, with full technological coverage.

ACTIVITY FIELDS! We focus on the Professional!

Starting from the basic infrastructure facilities (air conditioning-ventilation systems / electrical installations / architectural design studies), continuing in the equipment of the space (professional equipment bar / hotels / creperie / restaurants / slaughterhouses / butchers, butchers and confectioners / confectioners. fire safety (refueling / fire control / fire safety systems), but also consumables, we cover the full range of the needs of the professional, both in the supply part and in this t technical coverage and Service.

Our company, through its partners (traders, team of engineers and architects, construction companies, etc.) from all over Greece, covers 100% of the range of professional catering, hospitality and food retail. We equip stores such as hotels, restaurants, super markets, patisseries, snacks and street food shops, coffee shops, hotel and ship kitchens, Bar and Club.

Our company undertakes special constructions beyond the production line. Construction, delivery and installation in any part of Greece if requested.

Our company is equipped with state-of-the-art metal cutting and processing machinery, state-of-the-art CNC machinery such as strappers, hydraulic scissors, plate forming rollers, plasma cutting splinters, corders, angle cutters, treadmills, TIC-welding machines (MIC) pipe – blade – hollow) and water cut machinery (Water jet).

In addition to the latest technology equipment, our company has the experience and know-how to carry out any project with consistency, reliability and economy.

WHY US? Because we are the best!

With a vision for the future, we study the needs of the professional by manufacturing and importing new technologies and products...
We have state-of-the-art equipment, know-how and experience, in order to manufacture any product you request us...
Through our network of partners from all over Greece, we cover the entire range of professional catering, hospitality and food retail…
We produce quality and innovative products, emphasizing ergonomics in design and always with full technological coverage...


Our company has been active in the field of professional catering equipment since 1983.

(+30) 22530 23514

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